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left is me flexing my abs, right is me relaxing my stomach. this is after a normal day at school, my tummy full of healthy and nutritious food. i get enough fiber, i get enough protein, i get enough carbs, i get enough of every essential vitamin and nutrient. so why does this happen?
meet my awesome, amazing, super helpful gastrointestinal tract. it helps me digest food and absorb nutrients, expanding in the process. it only makes sense that my stomach would be so ‘bloated’ looking because there is food in my stomach. healthy, awesome, delicious food sitting in my small intestine and being carried to my stomach. how fabulous is that? my entire body is one big beautiful physiological biorhythm. eating disorders shouldn’t tell you otherwise, because after i’ve had ample sleep, i’ll wake up like the photo on the left after my gastrointestinal tract has finished digesting the food i ate the day before. new concept, i know.. crazy, eh?

god bless this post. that pooch is not “stomach fat” it’s called having organs and intestines hahaha
"Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not."

— Deepak Chopra (via youlooklikesomethingblooming)

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this makes my heart ache

Silverstein always has been, and always will be my favorite poet because he doesn’t even need words in his poem to make people open their eyes.

Kate Winslet, 1996.

"And you’re sorry that the ephemeral beauty has faded so rapidly, so irretrievably, that it flashed so deceptively and pointlessly before your eyes—you’re sorry, for you didn’t even have time to fall in love…"

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from Underground (via larmoyante)

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"Don’t stop until you’re satisfied. You want an explanation? Ask. You want to be successful? Work. Don’t settle for results you don’t want. Don’t stop until you’re satisfied."

— (the best advice a teacher has ever given me)

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This is one of my favourite images to promote healthy eating.
Really takes all the complexities out of and just shows you what you should be doing! Love it!
Running yesterday…

was amazing!

I woke upe earlier and tried the morning run, (I´m more like late afternoon/evening runner) and it was stunning!

The air, the sun, everything was just so pure and beautiful..

So anyway, my stats:

Time: 27:34

Distance: 3,48

Cal: 267

12 months ago